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CX: the ultimate competitive advantage

August 17, 2018

Customer experience (CX) has quickly emerged as the single-most important brand differentiator. This means you can no longer compete on product or service alone. In an industry where CX even trumps price, one thing is clear: The brands with the best CX will win.

CX efforts are transforming all facets of retail including the function of the in-store associate. So how do you ensure that you come out ahead of the competition? By giving your associates what they need so they can deliver the experience your customers want. 

While the concept is simple, for most retailers, it’s often easier said than done. Enter Axonify.

Axonify enables retailers to

  • deliver targeted, one-to-one communications
  • engage associates
  • changes behaviors
  • connecting associates to the people, tools and information they need to execute consistently on your CX strategy.

Read this ebook to learn how Axonify delivers the agility you need to empower your associates so they can drive competitive advantage—and you can drive business results.

Retail CX with Axonify
Retail CX with Axonify

Customer experience (CX) is a top business priority. Download this guide to learn how to over come key CX t...

Empower your associates to deliver the best CX
Empower your associates to deliver the best CX

Discover how you can engage your associates and empower them to deliver the best CX and drive competitive a...