How to future-proof your bionic transformation with microlearning

April 16, 2018

We live in an multichannel world where the customer journey combines digital and physical touchpoints. For nearly 90% of bank customers (yes, even millennials), that journey involves a visit to a brick-and- mortar branch—where the digital and physical worlds converge. Enter “bionic”

In the competitive world of bionic banking, institutions are under incredible pressure to adapt. After all, today’s customers expect more, and many are willing to switch banks due to poor customer service. Business leaders need a way to ensure their frontline banking employees have the knowledge they need to deliver the top-notch customer service and expert-level advice it takes to retain and attract customers.

Leveraging key principles of brain science (how people actually learn), microlearning provides a personalized learning experience that deeply ingrains the knowledge and behaviors frontline employees need to positively impact bottom-line results.

Read this ebook to discover how microlearning can help future-proof your organization and:

  • Keep your business agile
  • Boost employee engagement
  • Increase information retention
  • Engage multigenerational employees with personalized content
  • Drive bottom-line business results
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