Data, AI & Continuous Reskilling: The Future of Workforce Development

It takes an average of 42 days to fill an open position. In many cases, it takes A LOT longer. But, once they’re hired, how long does it take for a new employee to become productive? Weeks? Months? Years? In a world rife with disruption, organizations can rarely afford to add risk to their business by waiting that long. To stay agile, your workforce development strategy must evolve so you can build the talent of tomorrow by reskilling the employees of today. 

Reskilling is already becoming a growth imperative for many businesses. However, most are approaching the concept from the perspective that reskilling the workforce is a project. That there will be a definitive beginning and end to the work. That a budget and five-year plan can solve the problem. Unfortunately, they’re wrong. The workplace has always been in a state of flux. Change just seems to happen more quickly nowadays. There’s no reason to think that will change. Therefore, organizations must evolve their approach to employee development to ensure they are ready to deal with any future skill requirements, not just today’s priorities.  

We’ll show you how successful organizations are rapidly reskilling their workforces to address high priority business challenges. We’ll explore the role of data in modern talent development and how it can be used to identify and close critical skill gaps. We’ll discuss a range of potential artificial intelligence applications that can help you scale and personalize your learning and support strategies. You’ll leave this session with practical ideas for how you can proactively future-proof your organization against the always-changing nature of employee knowledge and skill requirements.

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