5 tips for selling learning to the C-suite

December 2, 2016 Carol Leaman

Expectations around L&D are changing. No longer just overhead, corporate L&D must become accountable for achieving results that tie directly to meeting overall corporate objectives. And that means that L&D executives must also be prepared and able to sell learning to the C-suite.


What do we mean? Rather than just saying “we have to provide more sales training,” you must be able to clearly identify the problem and justify the solution in terms that make sense to C-level executives. You must be able to prove that your learning initiative will provide a solid return on investment, break even within an acceptable timeframe, and contribute positively to the company’s bottom line.

Many of you are likely already proactively partnering with business units to discover their expectations, but that doesn’t necessarily speak to what the C-suite will be looking for, which is alignment with the organization’s goals. Whenever you need to meet and discuss requirements in a training proposal, use these five steps to ensure that it will resonate with senior executives.


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