Webinar Slides: 5 Reasons to Rethink the LMS

May 11, 2017
There’s no question that the LMS has become synonymous with corporate learning across small and large companies alike, and organizations are entrenched in it. But the reality is that many corporate learning management systems remain slow, hard to use, and fall short when it comes to improving employee capability and on-the-job behaviors that impact business objectives. There’s a lot of “wasted learning” taking place and it’s costing organizations millions of dollars every year. Join David Wentworth, Principal Analyst with the Brandon Hall Group, and JD Dillon, Principal Learning Strategist at Axonify, as they explore some of the ways in which the traditional LMS falls short and new ways organizations should be thinking about learning and learning technology.
6 Ways The LMS Is Holding Back Your Business
6 Ways The LMS Is Holding Back Your Business

The real question isn’t if your business can keep up with the rapid pace of tech change, the real question ...

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