3 biggest flaws with the LMS and why it doesn’t make your employees better on-the-job performers

May 3, 2017

Whether you’re a mid-sized organization or a large Fortune 500 and whether you sit in the Human Resources, L&D or Store Operations group, you’re likely familiar with the Learning Management System—“a software application or Web-based technology used to plan, implement, and assess a specific learning process.”

According to Training Industry Report, the vast majority of companies (73%) are using an LMS today for corporate learning. There’s no question that the LMS has become synonymous with corporate learning across small and large companies alike, and organizations are entrenched in it. But the reality is that corporate learning management systems remain slow, hard to use, and fall short when it comes to improving employee capability and on-the-job behaviours that impact business objectives. There’s a lot of “wasted learning” taking place and it’s costing organizations millions of dollars every year.


The LMS Market is Quickly Losing Ground
The LMS Market is Quickly Losing Ground

The “Not a Love Letter” to the LMS – Bring it On!
The “Not a Love Letter” to the LMS – Bring it On!

There are millions of employees out there who want a fun and engaging way to learn that allows them to boos...


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