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EX: The Secret to Unleashing Your CX Advantage

February 14, 2019

Customer experience (CX) has quickly emerged as the single-most important brand differentiator. This means you can no longer compete on product or service alone. In an industry where CX even trumps price, it’s clear that the brands with the best CX will win--but only if they are also factoring in employee experience (EX).

Your frontline employees have the power to quickly torpedo even the most carefully laid CX plans. If they don’t feel engaged and empowered to bring your brand promises to life, then your customers won’t feel the love—a precarious position considering how many of your competitors are waiting to welcome them with open arms. And with 87% of employees reporting they don't feel engaged at work, there's never been a better time to make sure your people aren't among them.

Read this ebook to discover four key ways to keep frontline employees engaged and eager to bring your CX strategies to life, and read stories from the frontlines from retailers who are successfully engaging their employees on a deeper level.

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CX on your mind? Make sure your frontline employees are on board
CX on your mind? Make sure your frontline employees are on board

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Engaged employees = lower churn rates
Find out exactly what it takes to effectively engage your frontline.

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