Content is Holding L&D Back

July 20, 2017

Content is a big consideration for organizations that are trying to evolve their learning and performance strategies. Most L&D teams, especially in large enterprises, aren’t starting from scratch. You’ve likely spent thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars building your content library. You’ve pieced together customized curricula that map to job codes across the company. You’ve even categorized your library based on the HR-approved competency list. Sure, half of this stuff was designed pre-2010, but it’s your content. You want to make the most of it! So, if you start to explore new strategies or technologies, you have to consider what may happen to all of that content.

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What is Digital Learning?
What is Digital Learning?

Digital learning fundamentally changes the way people interact and how work gets done.

6 things to look for in a mobile learning solution
6 things to look for in a mobile learning solution

Mobile learning has the potential to transform the way we deliver learning.


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