Are You Training the Way People Want to Learn?

August 27, 2017

According to an Ipsos poll, 30% of workers say they haven’t received any formal workplace training from their employer. Of the remaining employees who did receive some form of training, 46% say it just wasn’t effective. There is more than one reason, including the Forgetting Curve and lack of practice and reinforcement. One common problem is that antiquated methods and technology fail to engage workers in the training. Chances are, like many other employers, you are using antiquated technology that doesn’t deliver the mobile, engaging and adaptive learning experience that your modern employees demand. Developing top performers means paying attention to the needs of the modern learner.

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Learning on the fly
Learning on the fly

Adaptive learning is gaining favor as a fresh way to personalize the learning experience and collect real-t...

Content is Holding L&D Back
Content is Holding L&D Back

Modern learning organizations recognize that library size doesn’t matter.


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