Eyemart Express improves employee training with microlearning platform

September 23, 2019 Axonify Admin

The lack of adequate training and the inherently high turnover rates are two major issues that have plagued retailers for years. Researchers have found a direct correlation between the level of employee engagement and higher sales. Additionally, the high cost of onboarding new employees—in excess of $3,500 by some estimates—coupled with an average turnover of about 65 percent has been a major drain on financial resources.

In an effort to step up its game, Eyemart Express began discussions with Axonify in 2017 on its adaptive microlearning program as a consistent learning source for all employees. By eliminating manuals and putting everything online, the chain was able to reduce time to get new hires up and running by 25 days and provide a continual learning experience through regular reinforcement questions.

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