Customer Success Stories

  • Making Transformational Change1:14

    Making Transformational Change

    Chief People Officer, Gianna Venturi shares her professional journey and the changes she’s made to spark transformation at Eyemart Express.

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  • Fearlessly redefining the HR industry

    Fearlessly redefining the HR industry

    Rebecca Sinclair, Chief People & Communication Officer at American Tire Distributors, shares how she's pioneering a new way of training and why it's crucial to invest in the frontline workforce.

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  • Eyemart Express Video Case Study2:11

    Eyemart Express Video Case Study

    Watch how this retailer saves thousands of dollars by reducing turnover and keeping associates engaged⁠—while opening 2 stores per month.

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  • Case Study: AstraZeneca International Region uses AI-enabled training to drive sales growth

    Case Study: AstraZeneca International Region uses AI-enabled training to drive sales growth

    AstraZenica partnered with Axonify for workplace training that fit into the workflow of its salesforce. Read the case study.

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  • Advice from a people-leader pro: How to thrive through change

    Advice from a people-leader pro: How to thrive through change

    Carrie Ask, an experienced people-leading executive who has worked at the likes of Target, Petco, Nike, Levi's, and Tailored Brands, offers her advice on how to manage through change.

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  • Customers share their aha moments2:09

    Customers share their aha moments

    Hear customers describe the moment they realized there's a better way to train their frontline.

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  • Precision Resource Case Study

    Precision Resource Case Study

    Global manufacturer, Precision Resource, improves operational excellence and realizes $150,000 of training value, while decreasing the number of press operator errors and scrap—find out how.

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  • Mutual of Omaha Case Study

    Mutual of Omaha Case Study

    Read how Mutual of Omaha defied industry norms with 100% enrollment in voluntary group benefits by investing in its associates.

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  • Jamie Brackpool from Precision Resource1:03

    Jamie Brackpool from Precision Resource

    Jamie Brackpool, Content Developer at Precision Resource explains the consequences of not training employees or equipping them with the right knowledge in the manufacturing industry.

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  • Sarah Wong from Precision Resource0:37

    Sarah Wong from Precision Resource

    Finding a way to keep your frontline employees on the floor while training them at the same time can cut costs for your business. Hear how this global manufacturer realized $112-150k ROI in training.

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  • Festival Foods Video Case Study3:22

    Festival Foods Video Case Study

    Festival Foods shares how improving communications across the entire workforce drove employee engagement and better customer service, resulting in higher OSAT scores for the first time in 2 years.

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  • Susie Peever from Topper's Pizza

    Susie Peever from Topper's Pizza

    General Manager at Topper's Pizza shares how she used Axonify to build a high-performing workforce.

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  • Briscoes Case Study

    Briscoes Case Study

    How retail giant, Briscoe Group, completely re-engineered its training approach in less than 6 months

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  • Rodrick Hampton Mitchell from Southeastern Grocers0:25

    Rodrick Hampton Mitchell from Southeastern Grocers

    Roderic Hampton, Senior Project Manager at Southeastern Grocers explains how Axonify helps employees be more successful.

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  • John Hancock Video Case Study4:23

    John Hancock Video Case Study

    Hear first-hand from CFO, Charles Rizzo and the John Hancock Investments team on how Axonify has been a key component in helping the company mitigate risk and keep it at a manageable level.

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  • Chris Delledonne from The Source0:29

    Chris Delledonne from The Source

    Chris Delledonne, Director of HR from The Source explains how Axonify helps his company better deliver on its KPI's and customer service.

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  • Anita Swamy from Manulife0:45

    Anita Swamy from Manulife

    explains why it's so crucial to measure an employee's level of confidence in order to provide better managerial support.

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  • Richard Hudspith

    Richard Hudspith

    Transition Center Manager at BT Consumer (British Telecoms) explains how Axonify helps him achieve success.

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  • Jasha Fletcher from BT

    Jasha Fletcher from BT

    Head of Learning Solutions and Architecture at BT Consumer (British Telecoms) shares how she used Axonify to drive impactful change.

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  • Customer Love4:12

    Customer Love

    Watch this unscripted video to hear what customers really think about Axonify.

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