• Reskilling & Upskilling with Axonify0:55

    Reskilling & Upskilling with Axonify

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  • Axonify Customer Support1:12

    Axonify Customer Support

    Watch this unscripted video to hear what customers really think about Axonify.

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  • Axonify in Grocery3:22

    Axonify in Grocery

    See how Axonify lets you get frontline grocery associates up to speed quickly then continues to feed them bite-sized bursts of daily training right in the flow of work, so they can do their best work

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  • Communication with Axonify1:48

    Communication with Axonify

    Discover how easy it is to deliver consistent communications to your entire frontline workforce, right in the training solution they use every day--no email address required.

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  • Axonify Product Tour3:06

    Axonify Product Tour

    The same-old approaches to training just don’t meet the needs of today’s frontline employees. See for yourself why Axonify is different and why it's the modern approach to frontline employee learning

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  • Onboarding with Axonify1:45

    Onboarding with Axonify

    See how onboarding with Axonify starts employees off strong then keeps a good thing going for as long as they are with your organization.

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  • Improving the Compliance Training Experience3:23

    Improving the Compliance Training Experience

    Compliance training isn’t going away. Get ideas for improving the compliance training experience so it doesn’t negatively impact people’s perspective on workplace learning and waste so much time and e

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  • Axonify + Kronos3:18

    Axonify + Kronos

    Kronos and Axonify have partnered to bring Axonify’s fresh, engaging and modern approach to learning to Kronos customers.

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  • Axonify in Grocery2:20

    Axonify in Grocery

    Hear first-hand from leading grocers, across North America, on how they’re finding success in a quickly changing landscape and addressing common challenges facing the grocery industry.

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  • The business impact of creating a personalized learning experience1:43

    The business impact of creating a personalized learning experience

    Jasha Fletcher, Head of Learning Solutions & Architecture at BT, talks about how making learning easy and personalized for the frontline workforce directly impacts the customer experience–and sales.

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  • Why frontline employees are critical to your business1:29

    Why frontline employees are critical to your business

    O'Reilly Auto Parts’ Senior VP of HR and Training shares how they’ve decreased turnover by 2.5% per month and why the frontline is a driving force in impacting the bottom line.

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  • Making Transformational Change1:14

    Making Transformational Change

    Chief People Officer, Gianna Venturi shares her professional journey and the changes she’s made to spark transformation at Eyemart Express.

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  • Eyemart Express Video Case Study2:11

    Eyemart Express Video Case Study

    Watch how this retailer saves thousands of dollars by reducing turnover and keeping associates engaged⁠—while opening 2 stores per month.

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  • Northpower: Overcoming the forgetting curve through microlearning3:05

    Northpower: Overcoming the forgetting curve through microlearning

    Check out this awesome video our customer, Northpower, made about how they’re benefitting from a modern training approach, engaging their frontline employees and seeing huge business results!

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  • Axonify Platform for Retail - Hands-on Product Tour3:44

    Axonify Platform for Retail - Hands-on Product Tour

    Say goodbye to wasted learning and hello to smarter, more capable store associates!

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  • SAP SuccessFactors + Axonify Introductory Video1:50

    SAP SuccessFactors + Axonify Introductory Video

    Learn more about Axonify's integration with SuccessFactors.

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  • A smarter way to onboard retail associates1:26

    A smarter way to onboard retail associates

    Great onboarding is the secret to starting employees off strong and keeping them loyal longer.

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  • Your frontline employees are the lifeblood of your business1:14

    Your frontline employees are the lifeblood of your business

    The choices they make every day can make or break your success. That's where Axonify comes in. It's the microlearning platform your people use for 3-5 minutes a day so that, when it's time to act, the

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  • Customers share their aha moments2:09

    Customers share their aha moments

    Hear customers describe the moment they realized there's a better way to train their frontline.

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  • Jamie Brackpool from Precision Resource1:03

    Jamie Brackpool from Precision Resource

    Jamie Brackpool, Content Developer at Precision Resource explains the consequences of not training employees or equipping them with the right knowledge in the manufacturing industry.

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