Training: The Times They Are A'Changing

June 5, 2017

The times, they are definitely a-changin’ for the call center business. Never before has this industry experienced such a convergence of changes that can have a significant impact on the business:

Multiple generations in the workplace. For the first time in history, call centers now employ people from as many as four or even five generations. This broad age range creates significant challenges, not only in providing effective training for call center agents, but also in teaching managers and supervisors to manage this diversity in ages and attitudes.

Retaining and growing employees. Call centers are also recognizing that, to remain competitive on a global scale, they must create long-term opportunities for talented agents, not just be a career stepping stone. This means they must focus on employee development, nurturing talent and developing loyalty and engagement that will reduce turnover and create a stable workforce.

Virtual agents. Call centers are also recognizing the value of leveraging skilled workers wherever they are, rather than employing them at centralized locations. This approach reduces the overhead of massive facilities, and allows call centers to attract highly skilled workers who value the ability to work at home.

At the heart of all these shifts are call center agents. The people who interact with your customers—or your customers’ customers—can make or break your success. A big part of ensuring employee success is in training—not just the onboarding process, but consistent, ongoing training that develops stronger agents who can provide consistent quality customer service, improve first-call resolution and reduce appeasements; all of which directly impact business performance.

Taking eLearning and Agent Training to the Next Level
Taking eLearning and Agent Training to the Next Level

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