The Knowledge Crisis: the signs are all around us

November 10, 2015 Axonify Team

It’s a problem that’s only getting bigger. More than ever before employees need to know more information in less time. And with rapid and continual changes in technology and information, they’re finding it harder and harder to keep up.

Many organizations thought eLearning solutions, like the LMS, would be the answer to this growing problem. But, the fact is, the problem is only becoming more prevalent. There’s too much information for employees to process. They can’t remember what they’ve learned, let alone apply it on the job.

What’s worse is that this leaves employees without the knowledge they need to take the right actions at work. The consequences are dire:  lost sales revenue, poor leadership performance, and increased safety incidents are just a few of the things organizations are experiencing. And this is costing millions—even billions of dollars.

What’s causing this knowledge crisis?


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