A New Approach for Dealing With Retail Turnover

May 3, 2017

One-in-four retail employees plan to change jobs in 2014.

This was the headline of an eye-opening survey that I came across this past week. The survey noted that more retail workers are dissatisfied with their jobs and 24% (up from 20% in 2013) are looking to change jobs in 2014. Turnover can have some harmful effects on a retail business, including: wasted training time, less cohesive teams and lower sales.

I’ve also read a lot lately about how many retailers are simply resigning themselves to the fact that turnover in their industry is just plain high. After doing all that they can to do to engage associates, improve management abilities and provide a favorable work environment, employees are still moving around – particularly as the economic climate improves. It’s just the reality of retail!

I’m not saying that retailers should admit defeat, but I do feel that they should focus a little less on retaining and a bit more on onboarding. In fact, I believe that onboarding should be their first step in the their retention strategy and should be treated with the same amount of respect as internal communications or performance support. The better you onboard an employee, the more likely they are to stay! This requires taking a more innovative, fresh and engaging approach than what most organizations do.


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