If Your Microlearning Isn't Adaptive You're Only Halfway There

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If your Microlearning isn't adaptive you're only halfway there We've all endured mind-numbing hours of training only to realize a week later, we can't quite recall more than a few details (and not necessarily the important ones). Yet, many organizations haven't changed the way they provide training to their employees to solve this problem. They still rely on traditional courses delivered in a classroom or through an online eLearning tool, like a learning management system (LMS) to push out lengthy training modules to their employees that are forgotten soon after they've been completed. The result? Companies spend thousands of dollars training their workforce each year, but don't see a return on their investment. Fortunately, research has shown that there is a more effective way to help employees remember what they need to know to perform effectively on the job. Enter the concept of Microlearning. What is Microlearning? In a nutshell, Microlearning is a technique for delivering learning content in short, bite-sized bursts. Brain science (and our own experience) tells us we can only absorb four to five pieces of information into short-term memory at any given time. So, by breaking content into short chunks and delivering it continuously over time, learnings are easier to digest, understand and apply. And, most importantly, that allows us to stay engaged. It's no wonder that with the recent popularity of Microlearning, cheers have been heard in offices around the world. Technology is finally being used to do more than digitize classroom training or bring heavy training binders online. Microlearning is aligning with employees right within their work stream, serving up learning topics in short, bite-sized bursts and letting them get on with the task at hand. Micro Content is only part of the solution But making content easier to digest is only half the battle. What do you think employees dislike almost as much as sitting through endless hours of training in a classroom or in front of a computer? The answer, quite simply, is that they hate wasting time. © 2018 Axonify

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