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A X O N I F Y C A S E S T U DY : How BT improved customer satisfaction while reducing onboarding time, repeat customer calls & handling time In the world of contact centers, customer service rules all. We expect services such as broadband, television, and mobile to be available when and where we need them. We expect to have on-demand — everything. And, we expect outstanding customer service if we aren't getting what we need. In fact, many times, the quality of customer service makes or breaks our decision to continue providing business to a company — if it's not up to par, we may choose to simply walk away. Company: BT Consumer, a division of the British Telecommunications Group, is the United Kingdom's largest provider of fixed-voice, broadband, TV, and mobile services. Industry: Telecommunications Key Challenges: • Improve customer service at every level • Reduce customer callback rate by equipping advisors to find a resolution at first point of contact • Grow advisor knowledge, confidence, and broaden skillset on a wide range of products & services to reduce call-handling time • Reduce new recruit onboarding time so they can speak to customers faster Solution: Following two successful pilots in the Sales & Retention and Connections departments, Axonify was rolled out to 2,500 employees. Results: For Sales & Retention: • Knowledge growth increased to 91% • 2.3% reduction in repeat customer calls (*projection equals to a reduction of 13,000 call-backs) • 14-second reduction in call-handling time (*8,000 more customer calls answered) • 24% reduction in training duration (4.5 – 5 days) • 5% improvement in customer value (*savings of £26,000 (approx. $34,000 USD) For Connections: • Knowledge growth increased to 86% • 17% reduction in training duration (4 days) • 10% reduction in repeat customer calls • 2.7% improvement in connection rate (*289 more customers connected)

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