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It's 7:30 am at a busy urban hospital. Fred Argo, Executive Sales Representative and Territory Account Leader for Surgical Care at Ethicon (a division of Johnson & Johnson), stands in the operating room carefully observing a thoracic surgery. He remains on high alert. Any minute, he may be expected to respond instantly to technical questions from the surgical team about the Ethicon-owned medical devices involved in the procedure. He must know this stuff cold. While Argo is an experienced rep and can build on existing knowledge of surgical procedures and products, he says it's easy for reps to feel "stressed, less confident, challenged, and spread thin." That's because reps are responsible for such a large product portfolio and don't always have enough time to get up to speed on everything they need to know. In fact, it's not uncommon for a professional sales associate at Ethicon to manage a product portfolio consisting of hundreds of surgical devices — each with their own intricacies and nuances. Add to this, ongoing changes in healthcare policies, reimbursement, and procedures and the amount of information a rep must recall is mind-boggling. Sales reps practically have to be medical dictionaries! Company: Ethicon is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. The company develops surgical technologies and solutions to address the world's most pressing health care issues. Industry: Medical Sales Key challenges: • Help sales reps remember a significantly higher volume of product information • Increase knowledge around ongoing changes to healthcare policies • Provide consistent, cost-effective training for staff across the globe • Reduce information overload and boost sales associate confidence Solution: Provided more than 1,000 medical sales reps with access to the Axonify mobile app. This allowed them to receive daily questions on topics, such as hernia, to help them with their jobs. Results: • Knowledge increased in some topic areas by as much as 49% • Confidence in hernia topics increased by more than 50% • 90% of reps voluntarily participate in training via Axonify • 79% of reps claim Axonify has made them more knowledgeable • 81% of reps say they prefer the Axonify learning method Ethicon boosts selling power by keeping daily pulse on medical reps' expertise A X O N I F Y C A S E S T U DY :

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